Town of Edinburg, NY
Town of Edinburg, NY - Cemetery Rules
Rules And Regulations Governing Town Of Edinburg
Operated And Maintained Cemeteries (Revised May 14, 1992)
1.  All affairs of Edinburg town cemeteries are managed and governed by the Edinburg town board in furtherance of Article 17 of the town law for the state of New York.

2.  All lots sold in accordance with the provisions of the laws of the state of New York shall not be used for any other purpose than as a burial place for dead human beings
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Religious Organizations
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3.  The town board shall fix the prices of burial lots and no person shall take possession of such lot, nor make any encroachments thereon until the price of such lot has been paid in full.

4.  The town board shall appoint a caretaker for the cemeteries who shall receive for his or her services such compensation as the board shall fix.

5.  The caretaker shall report to the town board any acts of vandalism or encroachments.  He or she shall supervise any improvements make on any lot, by lot owners and approved by the town board.  He shall see that all earth and rubbish accumulated in the repair of such lots be removed at the expense of the lot owner.

6.  No interment shall be allowed without a burial permit.  At the time of applying for the permit, the following information must be furnished

a.  Name of deceased
b.  Age of deceased, including date of birth if known
c.  Place of birth of deceased if known
d.  Date of death
e.  Time and date of interment
f.  If not an adult the names of parents, or legal guardian(s) of deceased

7.  Lot owners are prohibited from allowing interments to be made on their lots for compensation.

8.  No lot owner may transfer his or her lot without permission of the town board.

9.  The Edinburg town board reserves the right to authorize its caretaker to:

a.  Remove all flowers, wreaths, or other decorations from lots as soon as they become unsightly
b.  Remove, after due notice to the lot owner, any embellishment on the lot, effigy, or inscription which is unsightly or dangerous.
c.  Restrict the planting of shrubs and trees and, after due notice by certified mail, to the lot owner to remove any shrub or tree deemed dangerous to the public, or any shrub over 3 feet tall that might endanger the public or the cemetery grounds

10.  No vault may be built without the permission of the town board and then only in the location as they shall approve.

11.  Placing of glass blocks or vases as receptacles for flowers, either artificial or grown on graves or plots, is prohibited.

12.  All foundations, placements of stones and grave markers and other work shall be constructed or done under direction of the caretaker or town board

13.  Graves will not be opened between December 1, and May 1.  Bodies received for interment during this time will be placed in the vault until spring, unless an exception is authorized by the town board.

14.  All bodies placed in the vault maintained by the town of Edinburg must be embalmed and removed for interment before Memorial Day in the same year.

15.  All bodies left in the vault after June 1st, will be removed and interred.  If not entitled to burial in a family plot they will be interred in a single grave.  The expense of such interment shall be borne by those who caused the body to be placed in the vault.  Only such notice shall be given in this case as shall be practical under the circumstances.

16.  Lot owners are required to notify the town board of any change of address and all required notices will be sent to the last known address of each lot owner.

17.  Concrete vaults or concrete grave liners will be required for all interments in graves located at the Robinson cemetery only.

18.  The interment of cremated remains will be permitted only in appropriate rigid receptacles such as wood, metal, plastic, or concrete.

19.  The town board shall fix prices for grave openings and vault fees together with any other charges for proper maintenance of town cemeteries, as they deem fit.

20.  These rules and regulations may be amended and or added to majority vote and appropriate resolution of the town board.

21.  No monuments or stones over eighteen (18) inches high shall be placed in the walk end of the lots.

22.  Mausoleums may not be constructed in the town of Edinburg cemeteries effective may 14, 1992


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